One of the biggest race days in Brisbane is Stradbroke Cup Raceday and the FOTF theme is black and white, with a touch of red.

Of the four major race days of the season I only really had the time to enter this one. So, I went all out!

Stradbroke Cup Fashions on the Field

Finding a Black and White Dress

Because I feel like I’ve found my signature shape (hooray), I decided on reusing a design by Andrew Semple.

He made me a gorgeous dress for the Prime Minister’s Cup, which is a fitted midi length dress with pockets, pulled in at the waist to accentuate the shape and has a zip all the way down the back.

I love the shape, I just had to find the fabric. And the embellishments. And the shoes and the bag and the….I had a lot of work ahead.

blackboard chalk fashion sketch illustration

After searching for days for fabrics in stores, nothing was grabbing me. Andrew showed me some black and white floral fabric he purchased a few months earlier and it was perfect!

He had the brilliant idea of reversing the fabric too, so from the bodice down the fabric was slightly different. Using the same print in contrasting colours gave it a subtle print clash.

black and white floral fabric

As usual, my decision-making process was painfully slow and by the time I’d settled on the idea, it was only a week out. Andrew worked nonstop for three days (bless) and it was PERFECT!

dressmaking pattern DIY

homemade dress pattern

The dress can be worn with the sleeves down or rolled up with a black feature hem. I liked the look of the sleeves rolled up as it tied in well with my black waist belt.

sleeves rolled up down feature hem

Finding the Right Hat to Match the Dress

Now I needed to find the right hat.

I had seen a couple of hats scrolling through Instagram on Joli Boutique’s feed and visited the store in Brisbane. I purchased this beautiful black percher with lace overlay and flower details.

A perfect match for the fabric of my dress, even the flower looked like the flower print on my dress.