Stradbroke Day is my favourite day of the Brisbane Racing Club Winter Carnival.

This year was no different, but I was looking forward to it even more than usual because I had missed the other 3 days of Fashions on the Field events in the carnival. I really needed a day of frocking up and catching up with all my race friends. And for the first time ever I had marquee tickets to the bird cage!!

ubet stradbroke day fashion

But first, an embarrassing flash back.

I will get around to telling you my ‘real’ story, but Facebook was kind enough to remind me of this memory, which can’t be overlooked. It was the first Stradbroke Day I ever attended, back in 2013.

Somehow I managed to miss the ‘black, white and a touch of red’ memo and turned up in THIS! I walked on stage. And off again. Didn’t make the heat. This outfit makes me cringe a little bit. Please Facebook, don’t remind me of this again.

facebook memory milano imai brooke

My outfit is black, navy, brown and gold. Look at that terrible messy bun too. Oh my.

The Outfit Planning

I had an outfit in mind. Okay, that’s a lie, I didn’t really. I’d call it more of a loose ‘idea’.

I actually started off with a hat, hired from Millinery Market. Spying Carmen’s leather disc hat by Sharon Wilson, I fell in love and then had to revolve my entire outfit around the hat.hire fascinator listing

The reason I missed the 3 previous FOTF events was due to a super-fun, but expensive holiday to Japan! Having spent all my money on ramen and snacks, I planned to save some money by repeating an outfit– I’m a total repeat offender!

japanese food

I considered the black and white striped outfit I wore to Derby Day, paired with my new hired hat.

black and white derby stripe dress

Then I thought about my tulle dress, with a top over the top, to make it more winter-y.

tulle pink black red dress

My black and white stripe outfit was an off the shoulder style and I would need to have my shoulders covered for winter. I love the look of a blouse under a strapless bodice so set out looking for the perfect white top to go underneath my outfit.

The Search for the Perfect White Top

I found this stunning Harvey the Label shirt online, but they had sold out of my size and only had a top 3 sizes too big available.