Update: On September 1st 2017, I published my 2017 Spring Racing Fashion Trends Report, a 41 page comprehensive guide to what’s trending this race season.

As Spring Carnival fast approaches, a question I’m often asked is what racing fashion trends will we see at this year’s Melbourne Cup?

What shapes, colours, fabrics, millinery and accessories will be trending?

Well to make your life easier, I’ve done all the hard work for you in my 2016 Spring Racing Fashion Trends Report! This 31 page report contains lots of beautiful photos from our fabulous community of racing fashion enthusiasts to give you plenty of inspiration.

melbourne cup fashion trends

In this blog post, I’m going to share a few sections from the report that highlights some of the key trends that I think we’ll be seeing in Spring/Summer 2016.

Trending Racewear

Just as with all fashion, racewear styles constantly change and evolve. New trends emerge, hem lines get longer, sleeves get fuller and fabrications become more luxurious.

It’s good to be in the know as one of the main judging criteria in Fashions on the Field is ‘an understanding and interpretation of current fashion trends’.

Let’s take a look at a couple of emerging trends; the mullet skirt and feature sleeves.

Mullet Skirt

Mullet skirts have a hem line that is shorter at the front and longer at the back (like the haircut!) and have become increasingly popular.

When opting for a midi length skirt, it can lighten the heaviness of the overall look if the front is slightly shorter.

Another feature of the mullet hem is you can show off a different coloured lining, adding another element to your outfit.

Latest fashion trends

Image credit: Vezzano Couture Princess Royal Horse Dress

Popular dress shapes

Crystal (above) and Georgia (below) looking fabulous as always at Spring Carnival last year!

popular racewear silhouettes

mullet dress fashion trend

Image credit: @theracesnz. Dress: Vezzano Couture Pastel Pleasures Dress

Feature Sleeves

It has certainly been the year of the sleeve and now that we are here, there’s no turning back.

Forget your boring everyday sleeves, women are adding additional eye catching features to their dresses in the form of bell, flared, kimono, Juliet, billowy, ruffled, cape and flounced sleeves.

If your dress style needs some funking up, consider an interesting sleeve shape or contrasting fabric.

fancy sleeves trending

Image credit: @therequiemtrend (left), @ontrackontrend (right)

different style sleeves

popular dress sleeves

Image credit: @emscodellaro (left)

Trending Millinery

I love seeing new shapes and styles of millinery emerge every year. The traditional favourites always carry on like the percher and boater, with new fabrications and twists.

This year has brought out two new shapes that I am absolutely loving, and have chosen to wear to Spring Carnival!

The Crown

What woman doesn’t want an excuse to wear a crown, right?!

This new shape has been winning sashes around the country and I can see why! It’s fresh, it gives great height and makes a statement.

Gold Crown Fascinator 2016

Image credit: Viviana Parish

Crown fascinator trends

Image credit: Leigh Quinlan

Black crown spring trend

Image credit: @alla_dimech

The Halo

The halo is a beautiful shape. I love how it sits from the back and is like a new age take on the wide brim hat.

Floral features on the underside are very popular, I look forward to seeing more variations this Spring!

purple halo millinery 2016

Image credit: @peacockmillinery

black halo fascinator trend

Image credit: @helenrosemillinery

Millinery trends 2016

Image credit: @melissabarnes_adorn

Trending Accessories

Race day accessories come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There’s no real rule to this, but instead, look for what suits your outfit and look.

Bag styles have become a little more creative this year. I’ve seen some great sphere-shaped clutches, new textured fabrics and hand-held style vintage bags.

Two accessory trends to look out for this Spring are metallic accessories and brooches.

Metallic Accessories

Shoes, clutches and jewellery in gold have been very popular this year. Rose gold finishes have been a nice addition to coloured outfits.

If you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy (yes I believe that is a word), an alternative is to add in a gold shoe.