This year is the first year the EKKA held a FOTF competition.

I wanted to go. After all, there are show bags, rides, petting zoo, cheese tastings… enough temptation to get me there in a dress.

Brisbane Ekka Race Day

As usual, my schedule was quite full and time slipped away from me. Okay, I completely forgot about it.

When I was reminded, it was only a week out and I didn’t have an outfit. After racing around on my lunchbreaks and finding nothing but an over-priced maroon skirt, I decided I wouldn’t go.

But the night before the event, I still had the bugging urge.

And a little push from my friend got me thinking that perhaps I could rustle up a last minute outfit the night before. Hadn’t I done it before?

I admit, there’s a certain thrill I get from the panic and stress and sleeplessness of having to come up with an outfit last minute. Weird, I know.

The Dilemma:

No outfit
No millinery
No accessories
No hair appointment
Getting to Brisbane from the Gold Coast (with a hat on)
12 hours.

The Solution?

First, the last minute outfit

I needed to start somewhere and earlier in the week I visited a fabric store in Brisbane and for no reason except that I loved it, purchased some powder pink lace. A good start.

I decided to turn it into a skirt. I wrapped it around my mannequin and tried some tops with it.

DIY outfit design lace fabric

Nothing really excited me so I decided pink lace wasn’t going to work.

I did buy one meter of the same lace in black…

And I did buy some beautiful teal orchid flowers on my China trip I’ve been dying to use on a hat…

teal orchid flowers embellish DIY

And I did have that hat I purchased for Stradbroke Cup but didn’t end up wearing…

And my Melbourne cup dress is also teal…


teal melbourne cup race outfit

Teal Dress that I wore to the 2014 Melbourne Cup

I pulled out my Melbourne Cup dress and it was a perfect match for my teal orchids and looked nice with the black lace. Hooray!

After unpicking the sewn-on necklace, covering up the bust cut-out and sewing on the new pencil skirt, I had the makings of an outfit.

It was meant to be- I had JUST enough black lace fabric (less than a cm to spare) to fit the pencil skirt pattern.

black lace fabric

lace fabric cutting sewing

My friend Tania is a fabulous sewer and was able to unburden me from the tedious task of cutting out the skirt and hand sewing it onto the dress. Thank you.