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5 Ways to Create an Outfit that Brings About a Feeling of Joy

“Joy is an intense momentary experience of positive emotion, one that makes us smile and laugh and feel like we want to jump up and down.” Recently, I listened to a TED talk about the feeling of Joy. The speaker was Ingrid Fetell Lee, who, as a young aspiring industrial designer had brought about feelings [...]

July 19th, 2018|Fashion Tips|

Everything you Need to Know When Planning a Trip to Melbourne Cup Week

Are you thinking of attending Melbourne Cup week but not sure where to start? What days do you go.... where do you stay and what tickets do you need to buy? It can be a bit overwhelming with all the decisions to make so, being a seasoned attendee (my 5th year this year) I have [...]

July 5th, 2018|Getting Started|

The Story Behind my Winning Outfit | Stradbroke Day 2018

Stradbroke Day is my favourite day of the Brisbane Racing Club Winter Carnival. This year was no different, but I was looking forward to it even more than usual because I had missed the other 3 days of Fashions on the Field events in the carnival. I really needed a day of frocking up and [...]

June 21st, 2018|DIY, Race Day Updates|

A Guide to Dressing for the Season | Autumn/Winter vs. Spring/Summer

Seasonal changes are fun for the racing fashion enthusiast as they provide us with the opportunity for experimentation and creativity. Unlike our northern hemisphere counterparts, racing fashion in Australia is divided into two seasons, Spring/Summer (S/S) and Autumn/Winter (A/W). It is important to abide by the seasonal changes in fashion as judges of Fashions on [...]

June 7th, 2018|Getting Started, Millinery|

The Most Popular Racewear Colour Combinations with 71 Photo Examples

Deciding what colours to pair together in your outfit can be tricky. With so many potential colour combinations to choose from, where do you even start? To help make the decision a little less overwhelming, I’ve pulled together an index of popular colour combinations that you can browse for inspiration. These are tried and tested [...]

May 24th, 2018|Fashion Tips, Getting Started|

What it’s Like to Run a Fashion Blog | My 2.5 Year Journey So Far

It’s been two and a half years since I started my fashion blog. Although, I don’t think blog is the right word for it. To me, it’s a whole lot more than just a place I go to write my thoughts on racing fashion. It’s a community, a place to connect with other racing fashion [...]

May 10th, 2018|Opinion|

Beautiful Autumn Outfits at Weetwood Toowoomba Fashions on the Field

Being invited to judge is always an honour. One of my favourite parts about judging is being able to experience a new race track and the atmosphere it encompasses. The Weetwood Toowoomba Laser Clinics Australia FOTF invited me to judge its competition this year. I had never been to Toowoomba before and was excited to [...]

April 26th, 2018|Race Day Updates|

How to Win a Fashions on the Field Competition | What Judges Look For

Fashions on the Field isn’t just about winning or getting a sash… but we don’t have to pretend we aren’t secretly hoping, somewhere in the backs of our minds, that it is us who will take it home, along with the novelty bottle of Champagne, a bouquet of flowers, a pamper voucher, some sparkly [...]

April 12th, 2018|Fashion Tips, Getting Started|

Exciting New Feature Updates for Millinery Market

In July 2017, I created Millinery Market, an online marketplace that connects women who are looking to rent or buy a hat, with talented milliners and race enthusiasts from across Australia and New Zealand. You may remember my previous post where I talked about what led me to create the marketplace. Here’s the link if [...]

March 29th, 2018|Millinery|

New Zealand FOTF Final | My NZ Adventure Judging Viva Prix de Fashion

My first international race day! I was asked to judge the Derby Day and Viva Prix de Fashion FOTF competitions held at Ellerslie Racecourse in Auckland, New Zealand. What a privilege! Now, we all know I am a junky and have attended many race day events. Last year I managed to see my first [...]

March 15th, 2018|Interviews, Race Day Updates|

Art of Accessorising | How to Choose Accessories to Complete your Outfit

I have started a long and beautiful relationship, with accessories. At first, I was a little scared. Accessorising, for me, used to mean finding a simple clutch or heel to match an outfit. Now, it’s a love affair! It’s finding a glamourous heel to complement your outfit, a bag in a wild shape that brings [...]

February 22nd, 2018|Fashion Tips, Shopping|

The Ultimate Plus Size Racewear Guide | Embracing Curves on Race Day

As a way of getting to know my readers, I ask e-mail subscribers a series of questions and I’ve noticed a pattern. When asked, “What do you struggle with most when it comes to racing fashion?’” “How do I dress a curvy, fuller figure?” hits my inbox A LOT! So, this blog is dedicated to [...]

February 8th, 2018|Fashion Tips, Shopping|

Ever Wondered what Dubai World Cup Fashions is like?

Have you ever entered a Fashions on the Field event in another country? I think it would be so interesting to see how the racing style, competition and overall feeling of the race day differs to Australia. (Plus, it's a pretty good excuse to explore another part of the world.) One of the bigger overseas events [...]

January 25th, 2018|Fashion Tips, Race Day Updates|

How to Plan your Outfit using the PicCollage App with Photo Examples

When it comes to racing fashion, you need to style an outfit from head to toe. Selecting all the various elements to create a balanced and cohesive look is tricky, especially if you may only own one or two (or even none) of the pieces when you start planning. The last thing you want [...]

January 4th, 2018|Fashion Tips|

My Magic Millions Outfit & Glimpse of 2018 Racewear Trends

Update: The 2018 Spring Racing Fashion Trends Report has just been released. It's the most comprehensive guide to what will be trending at this year's Melbourne Cup Week. Make sure you grab your free copy here. After the hectic Spring Carnival and Melbourne Cup week, whereby I have to plan three outfits, I kind of [...]

January 18th, 2018|Race Day Updates|

The Woman Behind the Sash | 2014 National Winner Brodie Worrell

This week we’re interviewing our 2014 national winner, Bodie Worrell, and hearing about her life both on and off the track! If you missed the interview with our 2016 national winner Courtney Moore, I recommend going back and reading that post first to really appreciate the significance of being crowned the national winner. You can [...]

December 14th, 2017|Interviews|

Fashions on the Field Enthusiasts Robbed of Sashes Across the Country

“Hi Milano, I attended a comp recently and I’m a little upset at the judge’s decision. I had lots of ladies saying to me they thought I should have won…” Since starting this blog over 2 years ago, my reader base has grown steadily and I now receive upwards of 30 messages a week. And [...]

November 30th, 2017|Getting Started, Opinion|

2017 Spring Carnival Highlights and the Story Behind my Outfits

Months of preparation, hours upon hours spent trawling the internet for outfit inspo and the perfect accessories, online shopping, consults with milliners, weekly trips to shopping malls, DIY tasks, sewing, finding hair and makeup artist’s, sleepless nights trying to piece it all together in preparation for what is almost every race enthusiasts favourite time [...]

November 16th, 2017|Race Day Updates|

The Race Day Hack BIBLE | 104 Insider Tips from Racing Fashion Enthusiasts

With spring racing season fast approaching and many race days ahead, I thought it was a good time to put together a list of race day hacks that will make your day run that little bit smoother. Whether you are entering FOTF or prepping for a fun day out at the races, this is definitively [...]

November 1st, 2017|Fashion Tips, Getting Started|

Evolving Racewear Fashion | Dare to be Different & Try a Fresh Look

It was two weeks out from the Myer NSW state final FOTF competition. My outfit planning was well underway. And I was nervous. Here’s what was running through my head at the time… The Dilemma Diary The first dilemma is my dress. It’s stunning. When I saw it, I knew it was the one, but [...]

October 19th, 2017|Fashion Tips, Race Day Updates|
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